November Member of the Month - Marissa

Give us a brief background. Why did you start? How long have you been a member of Free Will CrossFit? What have you gained physically/mentally/socially/etc.?

I was visiting my cousin in Virginia Beach and I saw how much she changed from doing CrossFit. Growing up, I was always a little more involved in different sports than her and I figured, if she can do it...I can definitely try to do it. I also had been going to a local gym and basically doing nothing--I'd change in the locker room, walk one lap around and realize I didn't want to do anything and leave, HAHAHA! So I googled Crossfit when I got back to PA and found a box only a couple miles away. I signed up for their fundamentals course and I haven't stopped since! That was June of 2014 :-) I've dropped in a bunch of places and have been active at 3 different boxes now. I recently moved back to the area from Harrisburg and when I had come back to visit, I previously dropped into Free Will. I tried some other Lehigh Valley boxes but they weren't a good fit and I decided to join Free Will. Over the years, I've changed physically and mentally. I've done a couple of different challenges and really learned what works for me and my body--I fluctuate with weight and what I eat, my strength and WOD times. At the end of the day, I eat a lot healthier than what I used to and I know I'm staying physically active and that's what is healthy for me right now.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Oh there are a lot I think; one was snatching 100# and then more; squatting my body weight; deadlifting over 200#; doing a pull up...but I've hit different milestones over the years and to be honest, I've seen a lot of people come and try it out and never come back. So I think I'm most proud of myself for coming back and fighting through the soreness and pain. Every week..I continue to come back and stay true to my own goal/commitment/workout schedule the best I can.

What’s your next goal?

This is a tough question--of course I want to get new movements (kipping C2B or muscle ups), higher weight PRs, and conquer everything else I struggle with (better row pace, run faster, be better at everything haha). But I think my next goal is to keep going for as long as I can and to hopefully never stop; it's a love/hate relationship that I don't want to give up. I'm happy with the little wins that come when they show up.

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