Foam roll/stretch for 3 minutes

Pass throughs- 3x12 Grab that broom!

Calf Stretch- 3x15 seconds/leg

Prone YTA- 3x5 (up and down=1 rep)


This one should be high intensity. I expect between 6 and 9 rounds for most so let’s keep those backs flat. That’s a lot of KB Swings! If you’re doing the glute bridges focus on the same thing. It’s easy to extend your back when you get tired. Abs tight!

Equipment Needed!

9 min AMRAP

15 Sit Ups

15 KB/DB Swings - If you just have a DB, grab the end and swing it like a KB swing. It will work your grip a lot more so go light.

No Equipment Needed!

9 min AMRAP

15 Sit Ups

15 Glute Bridges



If you are looking for a challenge that is fun and rewarding, this is the place. The welcoming and knowledgeable coaches push you while making sure you are lifting safely with proper form. There is a place for every fitness level at this gym with all the workout being scalable. Each week I see myself improving and gaining confidence.

— Leyna