April Member of the Month - Jo-Ann Geoppert

Congratulations to our April member of the month, Jo-Ann! She’s been a regular in our morning virtual classes and is a nonstop source of positivity! She was kind enough to answer a few questions and it’s a great read. Check it out!

Give us a brief background of your fitness experience and what brought you to Free Will.

Let’s be real, I came to Free Will CrossFit because I was in desperate need once again hitting my heaviest weight. Have I said this before, YES many many times. I’ve hit Weight watchers goals, P90X goals, Beachbody Goals, you name it I’ve done it, I’ve killed it, I’ve accomplished it. Only to always start over again. I was ready, I finally got honest with myself here I am, I started in November and never stopped.

Day 1 back in November when I walked in scared out of mind, nervous as ever I met Alex. Turns out we are both NYG fans, so need I say more? We hit it off immediately. I only stopped it to talk & meet, before I knew it I was running home to change & came right back for a class. I’ve been working out faithfully 5 days a week. I have hit many goals, mini goals, but dammit I can now get up off the coach with a baby in my arms! G’ma rocks.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

When I found out I was going to be a 1st time G’ma that was my wake up. Excited as ever for this chapter of my life. What was my goal? To be able to get off couch while holding a little one. Was it easy? No! Was it challenging? Yes! Was it scary? Oh yeah! And while I have a long way to go and I’m still a work in progress what I am most proud of, is that no matter how hard I’ve ever been knocked down I’ve always gotten back up, survived and come out on top a better version of me. Here I am, I found a new fitness routine I absolutely LOVE and a new family at Free Will Crossfit.

What’s your next goal?

To all my 5am’ers, I admire you, I wanna be grown up just like you all. Just continuing to beat my previous week numbers. I thank each of you for pushing me, teaching me, reminding me I will get there and not once ever making me feel like I didn’t belong. The support, is amazing! Trust me, I still modify a lot but always pushing, giving myself something to work toward. Sometimes a higher weight, sometimes better quality form. Next up, hitting that 12”, 14” or 16” box, right Coach Dave? I can’t wait for my new box! Oh yeah, and flipping that big tire this summer!

What has been your favorite at home exercise? Least favorite?

Gosh darn burpees and then Coach Alex adds a reverse burpee! Who does that? It’s not pretty. What I really think I love is the weights. We do everything, not just one thing, so I have an awesome opportunity to keep switching it up, keeping me motivated.

Thank you so much to both Alex & Brittany for continuing our workouts virtually while we are all on lock down. It has been interesting to say the least, both their dogs Penny & Sophia joining in on their side messing up Alex & Brittany plus Kota & Maizey on my side, nearly darn killing myself falling over my cats working out from home! Who’d have thought...but hey before I’d have killed myself tripping over them, now I can catch myself and avoid an accident. When you mentioned member of the month, that felt so good and just amped me up more. Game be continued! Maybe just maybe you have given me the incentive to start sharing my CURRENT pictures and watching my transformation, AGAIN, that’s another step because I do still have a lot of work. I’ll do it if someone joins me, who’s in?

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