December Member of the Month - Alaina

What made you want to start Crossfit and how long have you been a member of Free Will CrossFit?

As you may be aware, my husband, Chris, got me into CrossFit. We moved to the area this summer, and when Free Will Crossfit opened back up, Chris was eager to give it a go. His enthusiasm convinced me to attend a beginner session. Though I am not one to consider exercise "fun," I really appreciated the knowledgeable direction and coaching. It makes a world of difference (safety, understanding, ability) being able to ask someone about a movement and your own form, than watching a youtube video. Also, being in a class with other people revitalized my pandemic-stricken motivation. I feel safe, welcome, and strong at Free Will CrossFit. So I keep coming back!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am most proud of committing to regular, diverse exercise. I have only ever focused my exercise on cardio (running/hiking), and CrossFit provides variation in activity and muscle focus. Feeling like I tried my best, worked hard, and have committed to my long-term health is what I am proud of.

What keeps you coming back to Free Will Crossfit?

I keep coming back to Free Will CrossFit because of the obvious benefits to myself, but also because of the community. Chris and I are transplants here in Pennsylvania, and it's important for me to build a full life here. Locally networking and doing activities with good people help us make that connection. From the coaches who are patient and knowledgeable to the members who are encouraging and fun, the comradery at Free Will is fantastic. This is exactly the place to make us feel welcome and rooted in our new home.

What's your least favorite exercise?

My least favorite exercise might be overhead squats because my mobility is quite limited (for now!). If I consider that as an opportunity to improve though, I would pick wall balls, since they will always suck no matter how mobile I am.

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