Knees Are Like Doors

Today we’re talking about why knee pain is often a problem with our butt (glute) muscles. That’s right, if you’ve gone to therapy for knee issues and you were told to strengthen your glutes, they weren’t just wasting your time. Weak glutes mean knees will cave to the inside, which can be dangerous.

My favorite analogy for this is to think about a door. Hinges swing open and closed. They aren’t made to rotate or slide side to side. In anatomy, the knee is even categorized as a hinge joint.

Ok, now we’re picturing our knee as a door hinge. Imagine if you pulled straight up on your bedroom door every time you opened or closed it. At the very least, you’ll get some uneven wear. Over time, you may break the hinges or pull the screws right out of the wall.

This is what happens when we repeatedly allow the knee to cave in, even with an activity as simple as walking. Over time the bones, ligaments, and tendons can wear unevenly and result in injuries and loss of mobility.

This is why you constantly hear “KNEES OUT!” in our classes. We care about your knees and we want you to be able to kick ass with them for the rest of your life!

Move well. Eat clean. Be happy!

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