May Member of the Month - Costa

Every month, the coaches pick a member who deserves some recognition for their hard work and commitment. Maybe they had great attendance through the month or hit a big milestone. Our May member of the month did both! Congratulations Costa!

•What made you want to start Crossfit and how long have you been a member of Free Will CrossFit?

The search for an activity that would keep me fit and wasn’t monotonous, was what motivated me to start. Crossfit makes you compete with yourself every day mentally and physically and every day will be different. I started practicing about 8 months ago.

•What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’m proud of being able to do muscle ups and finish my first MURPH under 1h.

•What keeps you coming back to Free Will Crossfit?

The challenge of getting the work done every day it’s what makes me come back. We all know it will be hard, but the feeling afterwards is priceless.

•What’s your least favorite exercise?

Clean & Jerks are my favorite exercises, thrusters are my least favorite.







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