Our motto: Part 1- Move well

Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to be breaking down the motto you see at the end of our posts. Move Well, Eat Clean, Be Happy. It boils down to a simple belief; to maximize our health, we need to exercise, eat right, and prioritize mental health.

Today, I’m explaining the first part, Move Well. Greg Glassman, the founder of Crossfit, talks often about virtuosity. This means having great skill in music or another artistic pursuit. In Crossfit, our art is movement and anything worth doing is worth doing well. Instead of focusing on the advanced moves, the flashy stuff, the moves that will get all the likes, master the fundamentals. As Glassman says, “perform the common, uncommonly well.”

This also gives you a little peak behind the curtain. Any member that’s been asked to decrease their weight, modify pull ups to an easier version, or do a few less reps is not being asked to because we don’t think you can do it. We are ensuring that the fundamentals are nailed down first. Members always want more and that mentality is critical to success in Crossfit. We can’t make you want it, but we can point your ambition in the right direction.

-Move well, Eat clean, Be happy-

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