Our Motto Part 2- Eat Clean

Today we’re continuing with part 2 of our motto, Move well, Eat Clean, Be happy. If you missed it, last week I talked about why moving well is so important to us. Eat clean is the next part and the most challenging for a lot of us so I wanted to explain what that means.

Eating clean is simple; if it didn’t grow in a field or run around in a field, you probably don’t want to eat lots of it. To quote Greg Glassman again, “Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.” Pretty simple right?

This is by no means easy, but few things worth doing are. Every good diet, regardless of the rules that come with it, will encourage eating whole food with real ingredients. Before going down the rabbit hole with macro and calorie tracking or throwing away every food that has a carb in it, take a look at the ingredients in what you’re eating.

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