September Member of the Month - Joe

Congratulations to our September member of the month, Joe! As part of the infamous 5 am crew, he likely has already finished his workout before you hit start on the coffee maker. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his experience with Crossfit. Check it out!

What is your fitness background and what made you want to start CrossFit?

The 5am group is a great bunch of people,  they motivate me to keep pushing through the “suck”.  My interest in CrossFit stemmed from Spartan racing.  I have tried to hit the regular gym and prep for the races since 2015.  Strength and cardio training were not enough.  CrossFit combined the strength and high intensity needed to better myself for the races.  I usually run age group or open and finish somewhere in the middle of the pack.  I base my fitness level on performance improvement from year to year.  I was attending another gym until COVID hit.  I was working out at home until the gyms opened again and I was lucky enough to find Free Will CrossFit.  My whole life I have been active and lifting, but CrossFit adds intensity that I would otherwise not push for in my own workouts.

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