Shin Splints Part 2

2 weeks ago, I talked about how to care for the muscles that are in pain with shin splints. Today I’m continuing that discussion with tips on how to rehab and even prevent shin splints from happening. Many times it comes down to immobile calves or ankles.

The muscle tibialis anterior is responsible for the pain associated with shin splints. This muscle helps us flex the ankle, or point our toes up. When we run, this keeps us from tripping over our feet every time we take a step. On the other side of the leg, we have calf muscles that extend the ankles or point the toes down. Now imagine how much harder the tibialis anterior has to work to point the toes up if that calf is tight or immobile. It won’t take long to overwork those muscles.

We can get ahead of this by keeping the ankle mobile and strong with this exercise and stretch. Check out the video and give them a try. Don’t forget to check and recheck. Just do a couple squats before and after the exercises and check for improvement.

Move well. Eat clean. Be happy.



If you are looking for a challenge that is fun and rewarding, this is the place. The welcoming and knowledgeable coaches push you while making sure you are lifting safely with proper form. There is a place for every fitness level at this gym with all the workout being scalable. Each week I see myself improving and gaining confidence.

— Leyna