Stay Water

No, this isn’t a post about drinking more water (but you definitely should). This is about rolling with the punches. Rarely do we do things perfectly on the first try. We all know this but are still caught off guard or think we’ll be judged when it happens. Diet is a great example of this. One failure (or 2, or 3) doesn’t mean we give up. Take what you learned and apply it to the next endeavor.

How we perceive a success or failure is 100% up to us. If we can say that we learned something from the experience, it becomes tough to see it as a complete failure. That alone makes us more likely to keep trying to be better, which is all we can ask of ourselves.

Failure is just part of the process. Expect to make changes along the way. Expect to start over at some point. Stay water.

Move well. Eat clean. Be happy.

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