Take your shoes off, stay a while

Today’s tip is about opportunities. Obviously, there are lots of things you can’t do in your home workouts, but there are some advantages. You can pick your own music, you can take your sweet time warming up, and you can workout in bare feet.

Maybe that last one doesn’t sound like a advantage, so let me explain why. The more material we have between our feet and the floor, the less sensory feedback (or proprioception) we get. This can affect everything upstream from the ankles to the back.

Whether it’s knees pinching in, feet caving, hip pain, back pain, or something else, developing a better awareness of what your feet are doing can help. We can’t always lift barefoot and it won’t be safe in some instances, but every once in a while, it pays to reinforce that stability. If you’ve ever squatted or deadlifted heavy weight with thick squishy running shoes on, you know exactly what instability feels like.

Here’s your challenge while you’re working out from home, do a couple workouts each week barefoot and, of course, let us know how it goes!

-Move well. Eat clean. Be happy.-

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— Leyna