Tip Tuesday: Nutrition is like speeding

Updated: Jan 5

Nutrition is not about perfection, but a little awareness and restraint are required to do it well. Just like the post illustrates, there is margin for error, but the further you stray from optimal, the more risk you’re taking.

The goal is to avoid going completely off course, 80 in a 55. It doesn’t mean that we can’t have pizza ever again, but when we do, why not also have a vegetable or add a protein? Additionally, just because one meal isn’t the healthiest, that doesn’t mean the whole day (or weekend) becomes one long cheat meal. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, nutrition is about averages. We don’t get sustainable weight loss or gain in one day; it’s about what happened last week, last month, and so on.

This time of year can be especially tough. Our houses are filled with cookies and our schedules are full of obligations. Time is short and temptation is high, but this is as good a time as any to be more aware. Don’t just mail it in until January 1.

Committing to something that’s long term, or in the case of eating well, has no end date can be daunting. We can also find comfort in that. Long term means we have room to make mistakes and, truth be told, we will make them. What it comes down to is how we respond when they occur. Getting back on track is always just one good decision away.

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