For the strict press, sit on the floor with your legs straight. This will challenge your core strength and keep the weights a little lighter. For the rows, stand like you would to start a KB swing and bring the weight all the way to your chest. Check out the video for instructions on clam shells. Rest as needed between exercises.

4 Rounds, not for time

12 Single Arm Seated Strict Press - 6 each arm

12 Glute Bridges - 1 second pause at the top

12 Bent Over Rows - Use a bar, 2 DBs/KBs, or an odd object

12 Clam Shells - L

12 Clam Shells - R



If you are looking for a challenge that is fun and rewarding, this is the place. The welcoming and knowledgeable coaches push you while making sure you are lifting safely with proper form. There is a place for every fitness level at this gym with all the workout being scalable. Each week I see myself improving and gaining confidence.

— Leyna