What does progress look like?

I love using analogies and, if you read any of our posts, you already know that. Here’s the analogy to keep in mind today as we talk about progress. Goals are like a staircase.

If we start at the bottom and our goal is to make it to the top of the steps, we have to get there one step at a time. There is no scenario where we will be able to jump all the way there in one move. We all know there will be a process, yet it’s so easy to become fixated on that end goal that we lose any chance of actually getting there. It becomes self defeating. Here’s an example. Week 1: Can’t run a sub 10 minute mile, week 2: Still can’t run a sub 10 minute mile, week 3: Still can’t run a sub 10 minute mile, week 4: Maybe the GPS app is broken 🤷🏻‍♂️, week 5: New app, still can’t run a sub 10 minute mile, 🤬🤬 what gives?!

Whatever your goal is, it should be the thing you focus on the least. Instead, focus on the steps it will take to get there. If we continue with the running example, the steps are simple. To run faster, you need to practice running. Let’s say last week you ran 0 times; this week you ran twice. Thats progress! Next week, try for 3.

In the end, the dedication is the real goal. If we can continue to focus on the small day to day and week to week changes, the final goal will happen all in its own. So choose your goal, determine the steps that need to be taken, then forget about that goal (or at least stop measuring yourself by it).

What about another common goal like weight loss? To lose weight, we have to workout, so step 1 is exercise, step 2 is exercise multiple times a week, step 3 is repeat that for a month, and so on. I promise there’s no way that you’ll be further from your goal at the end of that month! You’ll probably feel a lot better measuring progress by the number of workouts versus the number on the scale.

Progress can be whatever we want it to be. Often, we want it all right now and we lose sight of the process. My advice is focus only on the progress, the rest will come.

Move well. Eat clean. Be happy!



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— Leyna