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Hey guys..We wanted to take some time this month to highlight our awesome coaches!

Our Free Will family/community would not be the same without our coaches who continue to work hard, and help you guys reach your fitness goals!!

Let’s kick it off with Coach Anita!! You might know she’s a mother of three but did you know she’s a mother to over 100 plants?!

Scroll down to learn more about coach Anita!

How long have you been doing CrossFit and coaching?

I started doing CrossFit about 5 years ago and I began coaching almost 3 years ago.  

What is one thing everyone should know about you?

Tough question. If I had to pin down one thing you should know about, I’d say it’s that I’m an “overthinker” in every sense of the word. I’ll fall asleep thinking about squat techniques, and I’ll wake up visualizing proper form. There are pros and cons to this quirk- on one hand, I’m constantly strategizing and contemplating ways to improve my coaching technique and how to improve your experience in the gym. On the other hand, my habit of “overthinking” leads me to surgically dissect every awkward encounter I’ve had since about the second grade. Win some, lose some. 

What is your favorite CrossFit workout or movement?

Depending on the day, either the Snatch or the Clean. Absolutely any workout with barbell cycling is high on my list though!

Do you remember your first crossfit workout? If so, what was it and how did it go?

I don’t remember exactly what my first workout was, but what I do remember is my experience with my first “girl benchmark.” Fran was the listed workout of the day shortly after I started CrossFit, the classic 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups. I used 25lbs for the thrusters and for the pull-ups I got ambitious and attempted them with a green and a red band, after the set of 21 pull-ups I was quickly humbled by having to add a third band to the mix. At that moment, as I was struggling to catch my breath, I’m quite sure all I could think about was if it was normal for such a short workout to burn so bad. I feel like it’s so important to remember what your first few months of CrossFit felt like, it’s incredible to think back to where you started versus where you are now. Progress is inevitable if you stay consistent. 

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