Run for 5 minutes

40 DB Thrusters (35/25) - 20 per arm. Switch as needed.

Run for 4 minutes

30 DB Thrusters

Run for 3 minutes

20 DB Thrusters

Substitute walking or biking for running if needed. If you have a treadmill, this is very easy, but hopefully you’ll be able t...


Goblet Squats- 5x20 (70/50)

Other options for weights- Backpack filled with whatever, fill up your camel back, cinder blocks, pavers, bag of mulch, your dog/cat, small children, etc


6 Rounds, not for time

4 Bear Sit ups, as slow as possible - No weight

3 Pu...

We are all spending a lot more time at home and may have limited options for meals. Here's an easy way to make sure we aren't going totally off the rails with our nutrition. 

Try to eat at least 5 different types of produce everyday. That way we can be sure we're gettin...


2 rounds for Reps

1 min Atomic Sit ups - Use what you got! Modify to sit ups if needed

1 min Burpees

1 min Lunge Walk

1 min Rest


For time

75 Air Squats

75 Sit Ups

75 Air Squats

75 Push Ups

75 Air Squats


Get outside!

Run/hike/walk/bike for 30 minutes or more. Post pictures of where you go!


10 min AMRAP

2 Burpees

2 DB Snatches

Add 2 reps each round. If you don’t have a DB, substitute jumping squats or air squats.

Post your scores!


For Time


Push ups

Split Squats - Put your foot on a couch, chair, stool, etc.

16 Push ups, 16 split squats, 15 push ups, 15 split squats, 14 push ups, …

16 Split squats=8 per leg. Break up the push ups early or drop to your knees. It’s a lot of reps!


7 Rounds, not for time

30 sec Side Plank - Left

15 High/Low Planks

30 sec Side Plank - Right

15 Sit ups

Rest 1-2 min between rounds



1 Mile Run

Rest 5 min between runs

Scale to:

2 Rounds for total distance

10 minutes of running/walking - Use a running or GPS app to measure distance

Rest 5 minutes between sets

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If you are looking for a challenge that is fun and rewarding, this is the place. The welcoming and knowledgeable coaches push you while making sure you are lifting safely with proper form. There is a place for every fitness level at this gym with all the workout being scalable. Each week I see myself improving and gaining confidence.

— Leyna

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