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Congratulations to our September member of the Month, Merry! She’s a staple in the moring classes. If there’s a class happening before the kids get up, you better believe she’s there! This also marks a Member of the Month first! Nobody has ever said that one of their favorite movements is a burpee and that just warms the small, black hearts of all Crossfit coaches. Scroll down to learn more about Merry!

Why did you start Crossfit? 

After having my last baby, I knew I needed a change. I had taken a break from CrossFit after getting pregnant with my 2nd due to our move out East and needed a place with childcare. Prior to FreeWill, I was taking HIIT classes but never felt like I was getting stronger. I wanted to be part of a community and wanted a new challenge that I could also work around my kids schedules (very thankful for the 5am class!) 

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’m thankful that I can show my kids the importance of staying active. They know my gym time is in the morning (whether at home or at the gym) and it’s important for mommy to workout – for everyone’s sanity🤣

What keeps you coming back?

I love the community and working out alongside the morning classes. I have always been a competitive person, and I know I’m going to be pushed both mentally and physically. 

What are your favorite and least favorite movements?

My favorite movements are anything that involve cardio/body weight (running, burpees, box jumps) and I really enjoying doing HSPUs even though I haven’t mastered that skill. 

My least favorite movement is the snatch. It’s awkward and frustrating at times. 

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