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New year, new questions for the Member of the Month! We want to give Andrew some recognition for his efforts over the last several months. It all started when Andrew reached out to us several months before he would actually be able to begin attending classes. He made his fitness a priority and wanted to be ready to hit the ground running. This first impression of Andrew hasn’t changed. He’s been motivated and humble since the day he started and his progress speaks for itself! Let’s learn a bit more about Andrew.

1. What were your goals when you started CrossFit?

I had never really participated in an organized fitness program for any length of time, so I came in with a simple goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to join a motivating community so I would keep showing up. Without experience, I also knew I’d need coaching to learn the proper techniques.  

2. How long have you been at Free Will CrossFit?

I started in May of 2023, so while I am still getting used to certain workouts and movements in particular, I am learning a lot every time I attend a class. The coaches and other members are all extremely helpful and encouraging.

3. What is one health/fitness goal that you plan to achieve in the next 6 months?

One goal is to improve my technique and body control, especially during barbell workouts. The coaches have been awesome (and patient), and I would like for my posture and setup positions to become more automatic.

4. What is your most memorable vacation?

It’s not a specific trip, but I’ve spent a lot of time in Sea Isle City and at Rehoboth Beach, so those are two of the most memorable vacation places for me. I’ve ridden the Haunted Mansion ride on the Rehoboth boardwalk countless times – both as a kid and as an adult. If you’re ever there, it’s an absolute must. 

5. You have control of the music. What artists/songs will dominate the playlist?

I’ve been a hip-hop fan forever, so I’d take that route. I’ve always favored Lil Wayne (my Spotify confirms this), and I saw him in concert last year, so I’d have to go with some Weezy. 

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